Review: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

summer sisters.jpgYes, it’s THAT Judy Blume. The one you remember from childhood, first with Superfudge, and then with Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. I remember picking this up at a book sale, and just on her name alone, buying it.

Summer Sisters is somewhere between YA and adult, or as Britney Spears would call it, “not a girl … not yet a woman.” It’s a coming-of-age story of two friends, Victoria (aka Vix) and Caitlin, who spend summers together at Caitlin’s dad’s house, beginning in their tween days. We learn very early on in the novel that in the present day, Caitlin is marrying Vix’s ex-boyfriend and Vix is about to attend the wedding. Then we are taken on a rewind through to their childhood days and then through each summer of their friendship until we land back in the present.

Honestly, I haven’t read any of her other “grown-up” work, but this one was just kinda meh for me. It was a light read, nothing special, nothing memorable. I read it a few weeks ago and I honestly don’t even remember what ended up happening. This would be one to take along to a beach vacation if you don’t have anything else juicy to flip through while lounging in the sand.

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