Review: Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker

lost girlsBear with me because I think I finished this book about six weeks ago. I’ve fallen into a black hole wherein I haven’t been book blogging immediately after I finish a book, which has been my rule since I started this thing.

I find that it as more and more time passes, the less likely I am to remember anything of use as far as a “review.”

So here’s a somewhat useless review of this book. Take it or leave it.

Yes, it’s true crime, so automatically I’m on board. This is a non-fictional account of several sex workers who went missing and whose bodies were eventually found on an obscure island in New York. Each of the beginning chapters covers one of the “lost girls” and what her life was like prior to going missing. Their stories are similar – which makes it kind of confusing to keep everyone straight. I also read this as an ebook, which was a handicap as far as not being able to flip back a few chapters to re-read things. Much harder to “flip back” on a kindle.

The author describes a possible killer – a man who has sworn he didn’t have anything to do with the murders, but homeboy is sketchy AF. Did he do it? Not sure. He hasn’t been arrested, as far as I know.

Interesting but frustrating because there’s no resolution and no justice in these girls’ cases. Their familes want answers, and there just aren’t any at this point in time. Hopefully with continuing advancements in DNA, investigators can come up with new leads to finally close the book on this sad series of murders.

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