Review: The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn

I’m still playing catch-up here, so please excuse another non-detailed review.

woman in window.jpgNot to be confused with The Girl on the Train. This is a woman, not a girl, and she’s in a window, not a train. Ha. I kid. The books do have a similar feel to them, though — in this case, our unreliable narrator, Anna, has issues with drinking and therefore leaves out MAJOR DETAILS of her story. In both cases, the “bad guy” in the story capitalizes on the woman’s mental instability to try to get away with some evildoing.

This is one of those books where, if you’re paying attention, you can kind of figure out some of it before the author reveals the twist(s). We have Anna, our clearly disturbed recluse who can’t leave her house. She watches the neighbors fairly creepily. Makes up lives for them (this is also reminiscent of GOOT). And then the neighbors show up at her door, intrude on her life. She thinks she sees something happen at their house, and is told that she’s crazy. BUT IS SHE???????

And what’s the deal with her husband and kid? Why don’t they live with her anymore?

You’ll be confused at first while you’re trying to piece together what’s going on, but it will all become much clearer as the story goes on. Still a pretty decent mystery and a quick read.


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