1. Hi, Kathy, I would love for you to review my new ebook, for I’m in desperate need of some reviews. My book is entitled, The Twins: A Psychological Thriller. It’s about two, thirteen-year-old, identical twin sisters, who’d survived a living nightmare, but in doing so…they’ve become a living nightmare.

  2. Kathy,

    Would you be interested in reviewing my middle grade novel, SHAKY MAN. I’ll gladly send you a pdf or a signed copy if you’ll send me your mailing address to marksparkerwriter@gmail.com. Here’s the pitch for the book:

    STAY AWAY FROM SHAKY MAN! SHAKY MAN is the story of the unlikely friendship of two boys, one white, one black, growing up in Central Texas during the 1960’s. They are brought together by their common love of laughter, baseball and Star Trek. They come to deal with the racism, intolerance and turbulence of the times. There is even a murder and a trial. And, of course, there is the mysterious Shaky Man. All the kids in Tonkaway, Texas say he killed his wife and kids, eats little children and abuses his dogs. Did he? Does he? Top Parsley is the new kid in town and he has to find out for himself.

    “This book is so much fun, most readers won’t realize they are being taught compassion and respect for others while turning pages to find out how the story ends.” Jo Ann Holt, Dallas Focus Daily News

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mark S. Parker

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