Review: Someone Else’s Daughter by Linsey Lanier

someone elseFor a cheap Kindle read, this isn’t bad. It’s an interesting mystery that caps off a series called “Miranda’s Rights. Miranda Steele, the main character, has had a hard life and has worked a series of odd jobs after being kicked out of her home by her pig of an ex-husband, Leon. Leon also gave away Miranda’s daughter, who was the result of an assault and rape, against Miranda’s will. She has tried for years to find the girl. She receives a possible lead on the girl’s whereabouts which leads her to Atlanta, where she lands in the middle of a murder mystery involving some of Atlanta’s richest families. She also meets Parker, who runs an investigation agency and runs in those same high-society cirlcles, and although he seems to be wayyyyyyy out of her league, there’s chemistry between the two of them. Let’s see … do ya think they end up hooking up?

I didn’t think this was the greatest piece of writing I’ve ever encountered but it did its job. It kept me in suspense, it made me interested in this seemingly odd-couple romance, and it made me contemplate reading further on in the series to see what happens to Miranda. I’d say that’s the mark of a successful storyteller.

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