Review: Furiously Happy, a Funny Book about Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess

furiously-happyI feel much the same way about this book as I did about her first book. Small doses are fine, but I am exhausted quickly by her personality and how EVERYTHING is over the top. I think I would feel the same way about her in person. I would be able to hang with her for maybe an hour or two and then I’d have to probably make up an excuse as to why I had to go home. Sudden illness. Dead grandmother. I don’t know.

She has her usual funny stories, bordering on bizarre, about her life. For instance, when someone sent her three flattened dead cats in the mail. (She is a collector of taxidermied animals, like the raccoon on the book’s cover.) And then she has some more raw chapters, such as discussing her mental illness. I appreciate this vulnerable side of her and the fact that she’s willing to share it.

But then, the hyperbole starts to get to me. In describing her fights with husband, Victor, it just seems like she is trying really hard to be funny. Did she actually say those things to him? I have no idea. It’s too much for me. I kind of skim over some of this stuff.

The Australia chapter is the longest, but I enjoyed her photos and stories from that trip. A grown-ass woman showing up to a zoo in a koala costume is pretty over the top … not sure I’d have the balls to do that myself, but kudos to her for having fun with it.

I’m not sure I would care to read more of her. Especially if it’s just more of the same. I have her spiel down; I get that her life is zany and wacky. Cool. If she’s your cup of tea, then mazel tov.

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