Review: A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

study in charlotteYou don’t really need to know your Sherlock Holmes canon to enjoy this book, but I’m sure it helps! This YA novel centers around Charlotte Holmes, Sherlock’s great-great granddaughter, and James (Jaime, despite the fact that he hates being called this) Watson, who is descended from — you guessed it — Sherlock’s sidekick Dr. John Watson. They are teens who meet at boarding school in the States after both being shipped there from across the pond. Their families are intertwined through history, but the two never met prior to school. Charlotte exhibits her ancestor’s quirky traits and knack for solving mysteries, while Jaime plays the straight man, more there for support.

They are best friends, but there’s also an attraction there – at least, for Jaime. Charlotte is as complicated as Sherlock when it comes to human relationships, so it’s not certain if her feelings for him are reciprocated. She cares for him, certainly, but as far as romance, she seems to have little time for such frivolity.

Besides, the two of them are being framed for a murder at their school, so there’s more important things to worry about than the school formal or keeping up with the latest fashion trends like the other girls at school. Charlotte has a hideout set up in a lab in the science building, where she tries to piece together the mystery.

Oh, did I mention the Moriarty family has a descendant who’s their age, as well? 😉

A fun series, for Holmes fans and non-fans alike.

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