Review: What To Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

your turnI’ve been a fan of Seth’s for years. I read his daily blog posts, I’ve heard him speak a few times, and I’ve read a couple of his books. You might say he’s one of my idols. So when “Your Turn” came out, I was on the pre-order list, purchasing two copies (one for me and one to share, as Godin suggested).

This book has wisdom on every visually stunning page. You could open to any page in the book and read it to glean something. The general idea of Godin’s latest book is that you don’t have to wait for opportunity – you can create it yourself. Step up to create, to be a leader, to try something new. So many people get trapped on the broken escalator – even though they have the means to get to the top, they freeze in place and wait for someone to fix the problem.

I love the visual aspect of this book. Every page is different – many pages have full-page, full-color, impactful images on them; others have smaller images that accentuate the message. It’s almost like a work of art and a piece of writing.

Obviously I’m a Seth Godin fangirl so my take on this book is going to be a little bit skewed. I plan on passing along my copy of the book (I already gave the second one away) to someone influential in my life, and hopefully he will pass it along to someone else, and so on, and so on.

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