Review: The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

the wicked will rise.jpgSo I think this is kind of like The Empire Strikes Back of this series. I have no idea if this is going to be a trilogy or what, but this book seems like the one where the bad guys win in the end (spoiler alert, sorry). I’m sure Amy will turn it around in the next book, however!

Amy, similar to Luke Skywalker in Empire, comes into her own as her powers become stronger and start to take shape. She learns to control the Force — I mean, her magic — and use it to her advantage.

The book picks up where Dorothy Must Die leaves off. Amy escapes the Emerald City but is pursued by the Lion. After doing battle with him (won’t spoil what happens there) she finds some old allies and continues her voyage toward destroying Dorothy.

Author Danielle Paige writes with sass and a to-the-point style that makes the journey a fun one to be on. As she flips the world of Oz on its ear and deconstructs everything we’ve loved about the merry land at the end of the yellow brick road, the tale takes some dark turns and leaves us with a place we barely recognize from the movie.

Apparently the third book just came out – so this review is actually timely! First time ever. Read these first two now and then you’ll be ready for book three just like I am!

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