The last of my “light reads” for the summer, now that Labor Day weekend is here, Fallen is your typical teen novel setup. Luce is sent to a school for “troubled” teens, after a mysterious incident where a boy she was with died in a fire. She sees these “shadows” that no one else can see. What do they mean?

There’s two guys who immediately catch her eye. Daniel, who gives her the cold shoulder for no reason, and Cam, who seems to draw her in with his charming personality. Cam is overtly into her, so naturally she’s more into Daniel because he’s kind of a dick. Aren’t we women fun to figure out?!

Well as it usually happens in these supernatural YA novels, Cam is a fallen angel, and Daniel is a good angel, and he’s in love with Luce, but his kiss can kill her and then she reincarnates as herself again every 17 years. EXCEPT NOT THIS TIME CUZ THIS TIME IS SPECIAL. Mkay. What’s so special about Luce and these shadows? We don’t really get an answer. Oh, and it turns out, a BUNCH of other people at the school are angels too! *nods head slowly*

I don’t know … I think I need to steer clear from YA for a while. I’m too cranky when I’m reading it. It just seems like it’s all been done. Anyone have any good YA fiction they could recommend that could change my opinion?

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