Review: Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

strengths-finderOK, with just four books to go on my Goodreads goal of 52 books this year, and about 8 days left, this was a gimme. The way this book works is that it’s a reference for an online test you can take using a code that is sealed away in this book. So if you’re going to buy it, buy new with the seal unbroken; otherwise the book would be useless.

There’s a brief intro explaining the how to use the book, and then you are instructed to go off and take the online assessment. That part is estimated to take about 35 minutes, but I think I got it done in about 15. You’re supposed to choose between two statements to see which is more “you.” You can also choose neutral, which means either both strongly apply, or neither. I did this for quite a few. You can also choose “strongly agree” for both sides, and then a more noncommittal option as well.

I thought that the 5 strengths I got were pretty dead-on. The online piece gives you a rundown of the strengths, and some of these are repeated in the book. From there, you go back to the book and can read up on your strengths, and then you could read all the other strengths, too. I chose to just read my five. It did give me some interesting insights and things to think about. For instance, my top strength is competition. Apparently winning means a lot to me 🙂 But another strength is harmony. So from this, I take that on an individual basis, I like to win, but when I’m part of a team, I play the role of peacekeeper. The book gave me some insights, some types of people to partner with who have different strengths than I do, and some possible careers to explore. I’m good where I am now, but it’s always good to reflect on the future.

I might get this book for everyone on my team to see what their results are. It’s a good tool for managers to use to be able to play to individuals’ strengths.

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