Review: Lethal Bayou Beauty by Jana DeLeon

lethalI enjoyed the first book of this series so much, I read the second one. And I’ll probably read however many more of these that there are. (A quick search on Goodreads gave me the answer: there’s nine! Yay!) This book had more of what I loved from the first one: the quirky old ladies Fortune has become besties with getting into ridiculous situations as they try to solve a murder and deflect suspicion from Fortune herself. The writing is sharp and funny. I whipped through this one in a couple of sittings, eager to read on. I suspected the totally wrong person in the murder, so kudos to her for fooling me!

Again, I can’t help but mention the parallel between Fortune and Stephanie Plum of the Janet Evanovich series that begins with “One for the Money” and is still going strong at “22,575 and Still Alive!” But that’s a good thing. Evanovich is a talented writer, and DeLeon should be proud to be in her company.

For my money, I’d take Fortune in a fight.

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