Review: Beautiful Demons Box Set by Sarra Cannon

demons box setI can’t remember if I got this free or for 99 cents on Amazon, but I remember it was a bargain. And I can’t resist a bargain.

This Kindle file includes the first three books of the Shadow Demons series, otherwise known as the Peachville High Demons series. The book follows the story of Harper Madison, a girl who has been passed around various foster homes and finally given up to a group home because of the “problems” she causes. In other words, she is able to do magic but doesn’t realize it, so she does stuff like burn things down and accidentally kill people. Oops. She ends up at the Shadowford home, and lo and behold, she has special powers! She is the next Prima, which is the head of a group of women who are inhabited by demons. You know, kind of like I feel at certain times of the month.

But these are legit demons that are fused with their human host in a creepy AF ceremony. Many of the women in Peachville are part of this Shadow Demon cult, and they’ve been waiting to find Harper for a while. At first she doesn’t fit in, but when people realize who she is, she’s invited to the popular girls’ table and becomes a cheerleader, even though she doesn’t necessarily want to be one. She gets a football player boyfriend who is a major d-bag, and she has a hard time breaking up with him because his mom is part of the demon gang and wants her son to be with the top dog of demon chicks, so to speak.

One little problem with being Prima. In addition to being basically mated to a demon, if the Prima dies, the entire line of demon ladies dies with her. So killing a Prima can level a whole town’s worth of women. Yikes.

As you can imagine, Harper starts to encounter some trouble … others jealous of her powers, some who want her dead. In these first three books, she has to deal with a jealous friend who goes into a murderous rage, learns more about the rituals in store for her and how to do some basic magic, and then has her life threatened by a shape shifting group of rival witches. There are several more books in this series, and they aren’t very long reads. So if you get hooked, there’s plenty more in store for Harper on her journey to become Prima. Good stuff. And the price is right. đŸ˜‰

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