Review: On the Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark

on the street where you liveI got this audiobook from my library via Hoopla. It was four hours long, so not a huge time suck for me. Which is a good thing because I thought this book was an utter piece of garbage. It was a “mystery,” but I’m putting that in heavy quotes because I figured out who the killer was within the first ten minutes of the book. It was glaringly obvious.

The guys in this town were total scumbags. The women not much better. There are so many holes and questions that I had throughout the story, not even related to the story, like, how can someone buy a house and the people selling it decide to put in a pool while the house is on the market? Seems unlikely. How did her utilities get turned on so fast? She had TV the first night she was there. My cable company gives you a three month window where they can maybe pencil you in.

Anyway, don’t waste your time. It was the realtor. The author makes piles of money on her books; she doesn’t need help from me, you, or any of us.

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