Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

abraham lincoln vampire hunterWhat is most amazing to me about this book is how seamless the vampire action is interspersed with the actual history. To the point where I’m not even sure where fiction ends and history begins. Other than some of the basic facts about Lincoln’s life, I’m uncertain if some of this didn’t actually happen.

Told cleverly through many passages that appear to have come through Lincoln’s diary, the (fictional!) story tells how Lincoln came to loathe vampires, and want to seek vengeance on them by eradicating them from the earth. In fact, his political career is highly motivated, and aided, by his cause. Most surprisingly, his greatest ally in his crusade to rid the United States of bloodsuckers is, in fact, a bloodsucker himself.

Told from his childhood through to his death, this is a brilliantly-spun work that shows a thorough understanding by the author of the historical landscape, and a supreme ability to weave a fictional subplot involving vampires into the life story of one of America’s most beloved Presidents.

I heard this was a movie, which I will have to check out at some point, but I don’t know if they can capture this same vibe of being a legit historical document.

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