Kickstarter very close to my heart: Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time

I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.

-Kurt Vonnegut

My friend Mandy sent me a link to a Kickstarter project which immediately got me to draw out my credit card and contribute. It is to fund a documentary film about the late, great Kurt Vonnegut. Perhaps the #1 most influential person for me as a writer, Kurt Vonnegut’s works have inspired me for at least 20 years. The documentary began filming when Kurt was still alive, as far back as 1982, and followed him through the decades. Just watching the Kickstarter video made me cry, and I’m not talking about a stray tear escaping. I’m talking UGLY CRY. The pledge I contributed also entitles me to a year membership in the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, which I had no idea even existed. It’s in Indianapolis, which makes me think that I have a road trip coming up in the near future.

Anyway, I urge anyone who feels as strongly about Mr. Vonnegut’s writing and legacy as I do, or even if you’re a casual Vonnegut fan, to contribute to this campaign. I am very excited to see this film, as the man means so much to me as a writer and as a person.

Kickstarter for Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time

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