Review: Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston

frozenOK, before you all get excited … this is the NOT the same Frozen. There are no Disney princesses, no talking snowmen, no reindeer. Now that 3/4 of the traffic to this page is gone … 😉

de la Cruz is one of my favorite authors who I discovered in 2014. Her Blue Bloods and Witches of East End series are great “fluff” reading material. Frozen is a little bit darker – it takes place on a post-apocolypic landscape of the United States which has been decimated by some kind of worldwide Deep Freeze. Nat is a croupier in New Vegas, which is just as seedy in its iteration in this book as it is in present day. She is Marked – which means she has special powers – but she is hiding her markedness pretty well. However, she hires a crew of outlaws to get her the heck out of dodge because she needs to return to the Blue. She doesn’t really know why, but she needs to get there. It’s not as simple as hopping in a car – it’s a dangerous trip that involves nagivating the seas and avoiding slavers and other hazards along the way. The crew she hires is headed by Wes – and what a surprise – they’re attracted to each other.

The voyage is crammed with action, and Nat, Wes and the crew find themselves in some impossible situations. However, they naturally persevere (spoiler alert)… and also not surprisingly, Nat and Wes fall in love.

Then at the end Nat suddenly remembers she’s this major world-saver, and it’s kind of like, WHAT? REALLY????? OK then.

But anyway, if you like de la Cruz’ other series, this one is a little bit less on the romance and more on the plot action. It’s not bad, but definitely not my favorite of her work. I’m assuming that this will be a series as well, but it could do just as well as a standalone. Go ahead and give it a try if you’re looking for something that’s not too deep, and not too schmaltzy.

*I had the audio book version, which was read by a male and female, depending on whose chapter it was (Nat or Wes). It was a little over ten hours long in its audio form. Not sure how long it would have taken me to read the actual book – probably less time.

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