Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

insurgentPicking up where Divergent left off, Insurgent finds Tris and Tobias formulating their next move against the Erudite. As the book winds on, they discover a much larger conspiracy which changes everything they have believed.

That’s the nickel version of the book. I had the audio version and it spanned close to eleven hours. It seemed like it was going to never end. I had obviously enjoyed Divergent enough to pick up this one, but Insurgent reminded me that this is a YA series. It showed, because every other scene is Tris and Tobias having some kind of teen drama involving trust (or lack thereof), albeit amidst some rather atypical circumstances. Here’s basically the framework of the book…

Dauntless group plans to (ambush another faction/escape current situation)

(Tris/Tobias) does something outside of the plan, but that is successful and/or uncovers more useful info

Minor character introduced

(Tris/Tobias) gets mad at (Tobias/Tris) for not telling them they were going to go off script

Erudite/Dauntless traitors invade, gunplay ensues

Minor character dies

(Tris/Tobias) captured and almost dies

(Tobias/Tris) saves them or is somehow instrumental in rescue

Minor character is introduced

Erudite/Dauntless traitors invade, gunplay ensues

Tobias/Tris narrowly escapes

Minor character dies

Tobias/Tris argue about something


It just felt like a roller coaster of action, not necessarily building but rather ebbing and flowing. Even the final scene didn’t really feel like anything major. It was like, oh, something else happened, which is going to lead us to book three, where it is  very likely more gunplay and arguing and Tobias/Tris will probably almost break up a few times.

I’m torn because I have clearly invested some time in this series, so I should perhaps try to finish it. On the other hand, I’m not sure I can handle more of the same. Has anyone read Allegiant, and if so, given my review above, is it better/different?


  1. I read Divergent and liked it, so I’ll probably get around to reading this at some point too. Still, I wish the individual books in this series would end more conclusively. Divergent pretty much just stopped at the end, and it sounds from your review like this book ends similarly.

  2. You know, I adored Divergent, and had really high hopes for the rest of the series. But everything went down hill for me in Insurgent, and Allegiant wasn’t really any better for me. There was a big “revelation” about the factions in Allegiant that I thought was ridiculous, and it kind of ruined the whole story for me.

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