What I’m Reading

I decided to go ahead and read A Feast of Crows. Or is it For Crows? Counting For Crows? I don’t feel like looking it up. A couple reasons. Now that the HBO Game of Thrones series is between seasons, I’d been feeling a definite lack of beheadings, gratuitous lady parts and people named Littlefinger in my life. I’m about 400 pages in, so, really, just past the prologue, and man, it’s kind of hard to get into this one. All this Dornish action. Bor-ring! The other reason is my husband is halfway through book 3 and there’s no way I’m letting him catch up, or god forbid, get ahead of me in the series. It’s fun knowing stuff he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know about Joffrey’s blackbird pie debacle, or the whole zombie Catlyn thing yet, and I do. Heh heh.

My book club selection this month is Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird. As I read this in high school and did my AP English essay on it, I don’t feel the need to re-read. Boo Radley. I got this. I might skim it prior to the meet-up in case I’m put on the spot to recall a particular scene with Scout and her brother – Jem, was it? See? Mind like a steel trap. (OK, I googled that one. I was close – I had it spelled with a G) I always felt that Scout should have been the boy’s name and Jem (truly outrageous) should have been the girl’s name. But hey, I guess Lee knew what she was doing when she wrote it.

I am planning, sometime very, very soon, to read Super Sad True Love Story. It’s been on my bedside table for months and I think it’s time. I picked up a copy of The Night Circus because the Huffington Post book club read it and that makes me think I should, too. Not sure when I’ll fit that one in, but it’s at least in my house and that means it will eventually be read.

I’m also reading two books for review: one is excellent and I may post about it here and one is just ok and getting weirder by the virtual page.

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