Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

sixI wanted to like this one. It had a cool cover (judging by them, as always, am I), intriguing title, and I’m fairly certain I had seen good reviews of it in Entertainment Weekly.

For me, it missed the mark in that I only cared about some of the main six characters, and the main plotline was fairly boring to me.

Kaz is the organizer of this group of six … well, they’re criminals, really. Kaz is a thief, and the brains of the operation. Inej, or the Wraith, is able to climb to heights and sneak up on people completely undetected. Nina is a Grisha, which is a human with special powers. In her case, she can heal people, or manipulate organs of someone’s body such as their heart to lower their heart rate and cause them to pass out (handy when you need to sneak past guards). Matthias is an ex-guard at the place the crew is trying to rob. Not sure he has any special skills other than his strength and intel on the place. He’s basically bribed into helping. He also hates/loves Nina, who got him put in jail. Wylan is the son of a nobleman, thus not used to life in the streets, but is pretty good at demolitions. And Jesper is … I forget what he is, something with metal.

So there’s your six.

Of crows.

And their mission is to go spring some scientist out of a super high-security prison because he knows a formula to change Grisha basically into ridiculous killing machines who then become addicted to the formula and die from all the internal chaos going on in their bodies.

Shit goes wrong. As one would assume it would.

Just by reading the Goodreads reviews, I can see that there are many very passionate fans of this book. It seems to appeal to teens in a way that I can’t really comprehend. I’m too old, I guess.

This requires a level of commitment if you are going to delve into it – it’s 600+ pages. It’s also the first book in a trilogy – which I probably will not read. And I’m only saying “probably” because I might forget that I didn’t really like this book, and accidentally get book two. Because, as previously mentioned, I’m old.

Also, I just recently read that this is a series in development for Netflix. For that reason alone, it might be worth a read. Maybe once I watch the show, I might like the books better. That’s not usually how it works, though, is it??

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