Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

shopaholicAnother “fluff book” between my true crime book spree that I’m on. I have low expectations for these books. Not saying that I’m some kind of book snob (but I probably am a book snob to be honest), but I know that a book like this is going to have some ridiculous situations and romantic happy ending for the heroine.

Becky is a finance writer who can’t seem to keep her own personal finances together. She spends more than she makes, and her credit is overextended. (I can relate to this!) When letters from debt collectors arrive, she either makes up huge whopper lies, or just ignores them altogether.

Luke Brandon is a wealthy player in the finance world and crosses paths with Becky. She embarrasses herself several times in front of him as any good tragicomic heroine should. And of course he falls madly in love with her, because duh.

The conflict arises when Becky writes a story that screws his company over, jeopardizing their not-quite relationship. But don’t worry – everything wraps up in a neat little bow.

Throw this one in your beach tote and veg out poolside with this one, or if you’re like me, use this as a palate cleanser of sorts while you are reading lots and lots of books about murder.

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