Review: It Girl by Cicely von Ziegesar

it girlIn the summer, I like to read some more trashy, easy, beachy stuff. Save the 500+ page stuff for when the weather is nasty and cold. So I’m going through my TBR pile and picking out the shortest, beachiest, trashiest stuff I have. Which, to be honest, isn’t all that beachy or trashy, cuz, that’s not usually how I roll.

But I do have a few books from the Gossip Girl series, including the original Gossip Girl book, which for some reason I didn’t review here (maybe I was too embarrassed at the time to admit I read it). The It Girl is a spinoff series, focusing on popular character Jenny from Gossip Girl. She goes to a prestigious boarding school to try to get a fresh start. The author has to mention her big boobs like a million times to get the point across. She somehow stumbles right into the midst of the most popular kids in the school (imagine that!) and starts immediately making a name for herself…. not necessarily a good one, either.

This book was written before smart phones and texting existed, which is kind of funny, because the rich kids all have flip phones and it’s a cool thing. (In fact, phones are supposed to be outlawed on campus … those rebels!) They message each other via the school’s intranet. in between chapters, similar to Gossip Girl, there’s excerpts of chats between students commenting on events that have taken place. Kind of a clever way to move the plot forward.

And what is the plot, you may ask? Well, besides Jenny finding her way at this new school, there’s friend drama between Brett (a girl) and Callie, and all the current and ex- boyfriends of these ladies.

And yes, I still read this book. From cover to cover. In all its high school glory. Hey, don’t judge.


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