Review: Exit Here. by Jason Myers

exit hereTo sum this book up: young, privileged white people completely throwing their lives away by snorting a ton of coke and abusing pills.

Strangely, I was interested in seeing what happened, but the entire book is basically what I described above. I was waiting for a plot to kick in, but it was just an endless loop of Travis the main character doing a whole bunch of drugs, obsessing over his ex-girlfriend Laura, watching his sister spiral out of control on oxycontin, and hanging out with a bunch of drug abuser friends who lack Travis’ rich father to bail them out of the crap they get into. It seems like they’re all using Travis for his money, because he pays for his friends’ drugs more than once. And he finds out later in the book that the $300 he had given his “best friend” Cliff earlier in the year, went toward an abortion for Laura who had become pregnant with Cliff’s baby. Some friend.

This whole book was like a train wreck, and despite that, as a reader, I wanted to see Travis get it together. I kept hoping he would. Terrible things keep happening all around him. Giant wake up calls for Travis. And yet he doesn’t really do much until the last few pages of the book.

I didn’t mind the book; I just wish that more had happened. For a book sale find, it wasn’t bad. This is packaged as YA, but I wouldn’t want teenagers reading this!

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