Review: The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

master magician#thatfeelingwhen you don’t want a book series to end.

That could literally be my entire review of this book! I didn’t want it to end. From the beginning I’ve enjoyed the world Holmberg has created in which Ceony is the apprentice for Emery Thane, learning how to become a Folder, one who uses paper magic. When you hear “paper magic” it sounds kind of lame, right? But the spells Ceony learns in her two-year apprenticeship are amazing. In book three, she is getting ready to take her test to become a full-fledged paper magician, instead of just an apprentice. However, she has to get tested by someone other than Emery, because their romance has been uncovered.

Being separated from Emery just happens to coincide with another baddie Excisioner escaping from prison, and so once again, Ceony breaks some rules (and experiments with some other types of magic) to save herself and protect her family.

The series ends on a high note, ties things up nicely, and has a “happily ever after” feel to it. If you’ve gotten emotionally attached to Ceony during the course of these novels, then the final scene might bring a tear to your eye. It did to mine!

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