Review: Me, Cinderella? (Cinderella #1) by Aubrey Rose

cinderellaI either acquired this book for free or for 99 cents on Amazon for my Kindle app. I have no idea how I otherwise would have acquired it.

I can tell how jaded I’ve become with unknown fiction, because I waited through this entire novel for there to be a twist that Eliot was a vampire. He’s not – at least not in this novel, he isn’t. However, he is a rich descendant of royalty with basically a castle in Hungary. Brynn is a California college student/math whiz who happens upon a bedraggled Eliot on a bench as she is headed to study group. She buys him coffee, and there’s a spark between them. She gives him a fake name for some reason and ditches him.

And then of course, he ends up being a mysterious math professor in charge of awarding internships in Hungary. Also of course, Brynn wins the internship, and also also of course, the two fall in love.

This is written fairly well with extensive knowledge from Rose of the subject matter of both math and the country of Hungary. I commend her for that.

Other than that, this is your standard blah romance stuff, loosely based on the story of Cinderella. There are more books in this series, though I can’t imagine why. Anyway, it didn’t cost much to read this, so if it sounds like your kind of thing, give it a whirl.

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