Review: Nobody Wants to Read your Sh*t by Steven Pressfield

nobody wants to readI was able to download this book for free from a link from Seth Godin’s blog. I’m not sure if the link still works, but if you’re a writer, it’s worth it to try.

This book provides some seriously solid advice to someone who is trying to write a novel, screenplay, non-fiction or self-help book. I had several “a-ha” moments throughout and I made sure to highlight those parts that I want to come back to.

Basically this book shows you how to properly structure your piece of writing around a concept, and keep the reader engaged. Following the principle of “nobody wants to read your shit,” Pressfield gives genuine tips for creating something that will combat this problem. If you can craft your work around some of these principles, you should have something viable. I know that in the small scraps of novels that I have been trying for years to write, the advice in this book might just be what I need to kickstart some ideas.

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