Review: Modern Romance by Aziz Anzari

modern romanceFirst of all, this is my favorite intro to any book, ever:

“Oh, shit! Thanks for buying my book. That money is MINE.”

I actually bought this book as a gift for my friend for Christmas, but she was kind enough to let me borrow it (my plan all along – MUHAHAHAHA). I was expecting it to be Aziz’s own voyage through the world of Modern Romance – kind of like his show, Master of None, but in book form. (Side note: if you have Netflix and haven’t seen this show, you need to.)

The book itself was not what I expected, but it was a super fascinating look at how apps such as Tinder and smart phones have transformed the dating scene so it’s barely recognizable to anyone who has been fortunate enough to not be in it for the past few years. It’s actually a well-researched piece that Anzari and sociologist Eric Klinenberg spent time documenting. As a married person, I was still able to relate to much of the book but more in terms of my friendships with both men and women.

The whole concept of immediacy – when we send a text, we want a response. Sometimes it takes the other person hours, even days sometimes to respond. In that time frame, we analyze every word of the text. Was something misinterpreted? Are they mad for some reason? Did the text not go through? Should you text again? It’s maddening. And when you’re trying to build a relationship with someone, even more so.

Reading this book, which was also peppered in with Anzari’s unique humor (see: references to rapper Pitbull), was enlightening, to say the least. Society is shifting toward this faceless world of communicating via smart phone, and it’s the most evident in the dating world. I’m so glad I’m married – it sounds horribly nerve wracking!

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