Goal: #Fail

failI made a goal on Goodreads this year to read 80 books. This was down from my ambitious 100 of the year prior (which I hit). As of today, I am at 62.

Major #sadface! As a person who is very goal-oriented and motivated by surpassing numbers, I am extremely disappointed that I am not going to hit 80. Yes, I know there’s still 10 days left in the year. But I know that unless I read 10 children’s books, it’s not happening.

I think part of what hindered me from reaching the goal this year was the amount of pages in some of the books I read. For instance, 1Q84, which really was three separate books but only counted as one. Even if that counted as three, I’d still be behind. Deborah Harkness’ book nearly killed me trying to get through that hefty tome.

In the past, I “augmented” my reading list with quick reads from the kids’ section at the library. I did no such tomfoolery this year.

I also was just busier doing other things. In past years I was able to read on my Kindle app at lunch time at work, and work was uber busy this year, so hardly any Kindle reading got done. I also took up knitting and crocheting so some of my time that would have otherwise been spent by reading, was spent by doing some yarn projects.

I think my goal for next year is going to be 52. One per week. That seems attainable for my current lifestyle. Even though I #failed at the TBR Pile Challenge, and it looks like Roofbeam Reader is retiring this challenge, I would still like to have something that motivates me. So I may be trying the Mount TBR Challenge.

Did you meet your reading goals for the year? Did you complete any reading challenges?

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