Review: The Girl in the Box Books 1-3 by Robert J. Crane

girl in the box 1 girl in the box 2 girl in the box 3This is a free download for Kindle, if you are interested. It’s geared toward YA/teen, I would say, although it’s a bit more mature, as there is some sexual content and it’s quite violent at times. Sienna is the girl in the box, a sheltered young lady who has basically never left her house due to her mother’s extreme overprotectiveness. Mom Sierra trained her daughter in combat, but never let her experience the outside world. Turns out that mom had some pretty legit reasons for doing so. She leaves the house to (presumably) go to work, which was not unusual. She left Sienna in her usual locked up box, but didn’t return.

Luckily this is right about when Sienna’s awesome superpowers manifest, so she’s totally fine when guys with guns show up, intending to kill her. (She thinks.) Busting out of her house for the first time, well, ever, she then embarks on a voyage where every twist and turn reveals a new enemy on the horizon, and also a new ally ready to assist. Toward the end of book one she learns what kind of “meta” she is – that is, what type of special abilities she has. Her powers do have some drawbacks, as she learns.

Books two and three continue to develop her character, she gets a boyfriend, then breaks up with him. She encounters her crazy aunt. She fights more baddies. She makes a few more friends. She meets someone just like her … but evil. So, lots of stuff happening in these stories.

I was happy to go along for the ride without complaint, although if I did have one, it would be that I think Sienna was surprisingly trauma-free after being captive inside her house all her life. She adapted immediately to being out in the world and having social interactions with people. It seems like she would have a period of adjustment, even possibly would need psychological help. But whatever, no big deal.

Check it out if you wish! It won’t cost you anything to do so!

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