Review: Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

hot sixI was about halfway through the book when I realized the significance of the title, other than it being the sixth Stephanie Plum novel. Hot Six … Hot Sex … I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

And, spoiler alert: false advertising. There is no hot sex in this novel. No sex, whatsoever. There’s a lot of buildup that maybe it will happen, and at the end, maybe it did, but Evanovich leaves that to our imaginations.

If you’ve read any of the Stephanie Plum novels, you know there’s basically a formula that they all stick to. There’s one bad guy who needs to be rounded up, and then some minor bail skippers that Stephanie also needs to bring in for her job as a bounty hunter. Of course the minor guys end up being major pains in the ass. And the main bad guy usually ends up breaking into her apartment, wrecking her car in some way or another, and just generally being more trouble than it seems. Stephanie should probably just go back to school and get an accounting degree or something.

The writing is always hilarious, so that’s a plus. You forgive the repetitive nature of the books because of the hilarity that ensues. Between Grandma Mazur, who in this installment moves into Stephanie’s apartment, Steph’s arch-nemesis Joyce, her partner in crime Lula and the other wackadoos who populate this Jersey town, there are always some LOL moments.

And even though there was no sex, the buildup is actually hotter. Joe Morelli basically oozes off the page. Ranger is incredibly sexy, too. And they both want Stephanie. Lucky girl! The whole love triangle is strangely satisfying, even though it goes nowhere fast.

If you’ve made it through six of these books, chances are you will continue to read them. I’m pretty sure Evanovich is still writing them! I don’t know what number she’s up to, but I will probably not catch up anytime soon. These are good summer reads, or good to take on a plane ride. You can definitely devour one in a few hours.

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