Review: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

amityvilleSome seriously creepy stuff. And this is purportedly real? I have a friend who was traveling on business and passed through Amityville. He decided to drive past the house and he took a pic with his phone. I was almost scared to look at the photo, because I was afraid that the spirits would somehow know. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s what reading this book will do to you!

Are there, or aren’t there, spirits in this world? Most of us have our doubts because we’ve never seen or felt anything that would give us cause to believe. I’ve certainly never had any of the doors of my house ripped off the hinges, felt the touch of someone yet there’s no one there; I’ve never levitated. But the Lutz family had all of this happen to them in the month they lived in their Amityville home. Or so they say.

As far as scary stuff goes, you won’t lose any sleep after reading this. It’s disturbing, but the writing is fairly dry and not all that descriptive, so even the scary parts are kind of meh. Plus, the book itself is fairly dated, and the action takes place in the 70’s, so it feels a bit old fashioned. The most disturbing thing to me is the pig, Jody. A pig?! WTF. Why does it have to be a pig? Just the image of a demonic pig hanging out with the little girl gives me the willies. (Keep in mind, I’ve never seen the movie.)

If you’re looking for something in the horror genre, don’t waste your time. But if you want to read about something that is supposedly true, have at it.

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