Review: The Devil’s Intern by Donna Hosie

devils internI’m going to use some words in this book review that might surprise you, considering the title of the novel. Words such as “cute,” “charming,” “endearing,” and maybe more of a similar ilk.

Because, despite the fact that the book’scentral character, Mitchell, is living in Hell as the Devil’s Intern, the author makes hell seem like not such a bad place. So those of you with a religious bent might automatically be turned off by this.

If you can grasp that this is a lighthearted, young adult-focused novel that just happens to take place in Hell, then please come along for the ride. Did I mention that this was FREE on Amazon for Kindle? How much better does it get? (OK, it looks like it’s $6.99 now. Or, you can get a paperback copy for just a few dollars. Either way? Worth it.)

The story centers around Mitchell and his three best friends, all of whom don’t seem like the typical candidates for Hell. Mitchell died when he was struck by a bus, and didn’t seem like he was a bad person on Earth. His best friend/love interest Medusa (Melissa) committed suicide. Elinor perished in the Great Fire in London. Alfarin was a Viking and perhaps his kills as part of the Viking lifestyle landed him Down Below. Mitchell gets ahold of a device that can allow them to change how they died, and the four embark on a journey to visit the death scenes of each of the four friends. However, the time travel alters some of the results…

Like I said, this is a very cute, lighthearted, endearing and charming novel. Mitchell’s affection for Medusa, and his teenaged boy cluelessness that she’s in love with him, are my favorite parts of the novel. She so clearly affects him, but he can’t quite wrap his own head around his feelings for her. Alfarin’s Viking oafishness and bravery make him a great wingman for Mitchell. Elinor’s sweet demeanor and smarts round out the group.

It’s a completely different depiction of Hell than I’ve ever read, or that anyone has ever before imagined. I picture a busy, bustling city that’s very, very hot. Might not be a bad way to spend eternity, actually! 😉

Very imaginative, sweet novel… who’da thunk???!?

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