Review: The Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals

awkwardI may have gotten this as a free Kindle download;  I don’t remember what circumstances caused me to add this book to my Kindle.  The girl on the cover kind of reminded me of Daria from the 90’s-era MTV animated series. (Originally, Daria appeared as a supporting character on one of my all-time favorite shows, Beavis and Butt-Head. That, perhaps, tells you more about me as a person than I should freely admit.)

This story is awkward. Literally, it is Awkward. It takes place (mostly) inside of an imaginary world, called … can you guess? Awkward. When Peregrine Storke (cool name!) was a child, she drew the land of Awkward, filled with fantastical creatures, a prince and princess, and drew in her worst enemy, also known as her bestie’s older brother Foster, as a bullygog (some sort of nasty creature, I don’t know). Oh but guess what ? When Awkward comes to life, Foster’s there, too. And now they’re adults, far from the days when Foster tormented Perri and called her fat.

They are propelled there when they are in a car accident together, and it’s unclear if they have reached some sort of afterlife, or what is causing Perri’s imagined drawings to come to life.

Along the way they come to understand each other, their actions and how their perceptions of one another may be off. I bet you can smell it a mile away – of course they fall for each other. Yeah, I spoiled the whole story. Well … this is awkward.

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