Reviews: Free Kindle Short Fiction

As I set a goal for myself to read 100 books this year, and as of today I am at 89, I need to kick it into high gear in order to meet my goal. If I’m reading 24/7 up until midnight on 12/31, then so be it.

Fortunately, there are many free short reads in the Kindle store. I have taken advantage of these and begun to page through them, increasing my read count.

Here are my brief reviews of them, so you may save yourself the time.

They by Vincent Hobbes
Genre: Horror
If there weren’t a show called The Walking Dead, this would be a somewhat original idea. Otherwise, this story reads like a scene out of a horror movie – a foursome runs out of gas in a snowstorm, and zombie destruction ensues.

Cat Calls by Cynthia Letich Smith
Genre: Paranormal
This one was intriguing. Protagonist Tiffany discovers her psychic powers as her grandmother leaves her to man the fortune teller’s tent at the carnival. But that’s not all … she’s also a shapeshifter. I would have been happy with just the psychic abilities, and would honestly have read more of this story if there was more to read.

Flown by the Billionaire by Carla Davis
Genre: Erotica
Oh boy. Just having to write about it makes me cringe. Every cliche you can think of about sex, this had. It was like a parody of a bad porno. Fifty Shades of NO.

As I read more of these little gems, I’ll post my reviews. Of this bunch, only Cat Calls gets my seal of approval.

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