Review: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

blue bloodsMaybe it’s because I just finished a hoity-toity, Pulitzer-winning novel, but Blue Bloods felt a little, I don’t know, beneath me. It definitely felt like YA writing, and not the John Green kind of YA writing that adults love too. I actually didn’t know going into this book that it was written for a YA audience. Having read Witches of East End, which felt more grown-up, I was ready for this book to read much along those lines.

That having been said, I still ripped through this book and am considering reading more of this series. Basically, the story revolves around rich, teenage vampires. Some nice ones and some bitchy ones. Just like in high school. Except everyone at high school is super rich. And there’s really no blood sucking, at least not in this one. There’s a few attacks, but your basic vampire stuff doesn’t really happen here. de la Cruz means to bust up some of the vampire stereotypes and create a new kind of immortal with this series. Can they go in the sun? Check. Does garlic repel them? Nope. Can you kill them with a wooden stake or silver bullet? Negative. Uh-oh.

So the mystery at the heart of Blue Bloods, and perhaps at this series, is, WHO or WHAT is killing off the vampire Blue Blood race? And how does our main protag Schuyler (sorry, but I can’t stand that name) factor in to this?

Looking for an alternative to Twilight, or just a fun, campy YA series to occupy some of your free time? Give this one a whirl. If you’re looking for something to stimulate your mind, look elsewhere.

BTW – this is another 2014 TBR Pile Challenge Book. Almost done! 😉


  1. Though I haven’t read it in a few years (too many books and so little time) I enjoyed it, probably because it WAS written for a younger age group. Though, the thought of that kind of reincarnation seemed a bit disturbing😶!!

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