Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

landlineI didn’t know much about Rainbow Rowell prior to picking this book off the library shelf, but apparently she’s got quite a following in the YA world. Landline is an adult novel, but still reads very easily and quickly. I think it took me a few hours to get through the whole thing. Landline is about a marriage in jeopardy due to Georgie (female) putting her job before her husband and family. At Christmas, she is unable to travel with them to Omaha because she is on a major deadline with a TV show pilot that she and her writing partner and bestie, Seth, have dreamed about since they met in college. It could be their big break, and so Georgie sacrifices the holidays with her family in order to complete the pilot and scripts on time.

Maybe in real life, this would be something that would be totally understandable. I mean, you sign up for certain inconveniences when you work in entertainment, I suppose.

However, in this novel, Georgie’s husband, Neal, basically drops off the map once he flies to Omaha with their two girls. The fact that he is unreachable by cell (although on occasion the girls answer it) seems highly unlikely. She can, however, reach him on his parents’ landline, but there’s a catch – when he answers the landline, he’s in the past – the year 1998 to be precise. So the present-day Georgie is talking to 1998 Neal.

Rowell writes with a killer sense of humor and an understanding of complex relationships. I loved how, out of nowhere, there would be a pop culture reference, such as to the TV show Family Ties, or other beloved sitcoms from the same era. That hits me right in my sweet spot.

I’d classify this as more of a beachy, chick lit read, but definitely smarter than your average girly book. As someone crossing over from YA, it seems to translate well.

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