Review: The Journey (Owls of Ga’Hoole, Book #2) by Kathryn Lasky

the journeyI am plodding along with books 1-3 of this series on audiobook, and I just finished up book 2. It’s more of the same. We pick up where we left off in book one, with the band of owls journeying to the Ga’Hoole tree. Well, a book about a bunch of owls flying to find a tree would be pretty boring, so of course they meet up with danger and receive clues that will be significant later on in the book. Spoiler alert – they reach the tree about mid-way through the book and are taken in without question by the owls at the tree. They are placed into groups based on their skill set, and we meet a few new owl characters. 

There is an implied danger worse than St. Aggie’s partrol, but as of the end of this book, we don’t see what it is. We do see a bunch of clearly brainwashed owlets who are muttering about Tito and purity so we have some idea that there is something coming that is associated with that. 

Again I’d say this is not for younger children. It’s violent, and it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. But if you have become attached to Soren and his friends from the first book, then you may as well continue on The Journey!

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