Review: Five, Six, Seven, NATE! by Tim Federle

fivesixsevennateOK, it’s official: I want to be BFF’s with Tim Federle. This guy is hilarious. I just started following him on Twitter, in hopes that he’s just as funny in real life as he is in this book (so far, the answer is YES).

In this second installment of the series, Nate is preparing for his role in E.T.: The Musical. He’s in New York City, living with his aunt Heidi, but still keeping in touch with his best friend, Libby, via Skype. The most reviled Jordan Rylance has snagged the lead role of Elliott while Nate is the second understudy to E.T. (In itself, this is just kind of funny.) He finds himself a fish out of water amongst the seasoned Broadway kids such as Genna, Hollie and Keith, all of whom have done other productions, and know the ropes around the theater. Nate’s only experience was playing a broccoli in the school play back home in Jankburg, PA. But Nate’s got something the other kids don’t have – incredible recall and the ability to memorize blocking and lines like nobody’s business.

As narrator, Nate takes us through the journey of the weeks leading up to the first preview of E.T.: the Musical, including the mysterious notes and gifts he gets from a secret admirer, whom he believes to be Genna. (Hint: it’s not!) Though Nate feels alone, there are definitely people rooting him on.

Laugh out loud, classic lines fill every page of the book, and you’ll absolutely adore Nate by the time this one wraps up. As with the first book, Nate is not sure about whether or not he’s gay, so if, as a parent, you find this to be a topic you’re not ready to tackle with your kids, then either a) use this series as a way to introduce it in a harmless fashion or b) avoid this series, which would be a shame. Or c) read it for yourself and decide.

I eagerly await Nate’s next act, so get crackin’, Tim!

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