Review: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

sharp objectsI saw this at the library and so I snatched it up. Having enjoyed Gone Girl — EXCEPT THE ENDING — I figured I should check out Flynn’s other work and see how it compares. This is her debut novel, which centers around a young reporter sent back to her podunk hometown to report on what appears to be a serial murder.

Main character Camille comes with her fair share of flaws, including a past obsession for carving words onto her body – which now bears the permanent markings of this cutting fetish. She also has mommy issues, to put it mildly. Her mother is one of the town’s elite, but didn’t show Camille much love growing up. Another sister died young, and the death has overshadowed much of the family’s relationship.

Camille meets her step-sister, Amma, who seems to be spoiled rotten. Amma veers between being a complete bitch to Camille and seeking her older step-sister’s approval.

There are definitely some interesting, twisted, complex characters that come to life in Sharp Objects. Similar to Gone Girl, I guessed the ending way too quickly. It was not as big of a disappointment as Gone Girl, but I was not surprised when the story resolved the way it did.

Still brilliantly written and a chilling glimpse into some disturbing individuals, as well as the strange and delicate dynamics of family. Flynn is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to contemporary fiction.

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