Review: The Fiend and the Forge by Henry H. Neff

fiend and forgeYou know you are fully invested in a series when you WEEP with grief when a (spoiler alert!!!) major character is killed. I don’t even think I cried when Dumbledore died. Or Snape. Or Lupin. But this got me. Seriously, I am even getting teary-eyed while writing this. It was the manner in which the character died – sacrificing his life for the greater cause – that particularly got my eyes a’waterin’.

In this third book of “The Tapestry” series, Max is now sixteen and facing a world that has been taken over by Astaroth, the evil demon. And the character for whom I wept isn’t the only casualty in this book. Let’s just say that Max has a legitimate beef with the demons.

I have been a cheerleader for this series since I discovered book one. This is the American answer to Harry Potter. It’s every bit as character rich and plot driven. It’s humorous in spots, dark in others, and doesn’t get stale. If it can make my glasses fog up from tears, it’s doing something right.

I’m going to get book four right away, and devour it with the same kind of intensity that I have with the other three. Can’t wait.


  1. Okay. I will admit that I devoured the Harry Potter books. Still have them on the book shelf in hardback. I will go out and get this based solely on your great review. Do you feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders? (Oh, how I hope you are at least smiling!)

    And, while I am at it – how are you?

    • Phil, I think you will enjoy this series. I am doing well … still fighting the fight like always and keeping busy! How are you?

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