Review: The Second Siege (The Tapestry #2)

the second siegeI am hooked on this series. I reviewed the first book in this series a few weeks ago and immediately put this book on hold in the library. Like the Harry Potter series, as the protagonist ages, the challenges are greater and darker than before. So book one was an introduction to Max, how he came to be at Rowan Academy, and introductions to all the other major characters in the book such as David Menlo his roommate, his father Scott, Agent Cooper, etc. Book 2 deepens all those characters and puts them in danger.

Book two begins with the next school year beginning, but quickly goes off script as Max is drawn into a dangerous operation involving evil demon Astaroth. He and David find themselves whisked away from Rowan in order to keep them safe from witches who wish to bring them back to their witch country in honoring an ancient pact between the witches and Rowan. They are hunted on the outside, and destruction is unfolding all over the world. Governments are toppled, cities are burned – all by the hand of Astaroth.

This book held my interest the whole way through, and I think I read about half of it in one sitting. (And at 475 pages, that’s saying something.) Again, this series is geared toward older kids, but as an adult who loved all the Harry Potter books, this is definitely a satisfying read for me as well. I will be seeking out book three shortly!

Happy New Year everyone! And happy reading in 2014!

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