Review: The Year of Shadows by Claire Legrand

year of shadowsYes, it’s yet another book from the children’s section. Look. I told you I was desperate. I am still at 87 books for the year and we are closing in on 2014 quickly.

That being said, this was actually an enjoyable read. Twelve-year-old Olivia is dirt poor, living in an orchestra hall with her father and grandmother. Her mother has abandoned them. Her father, the Maestro, is too caught up in his own sorrows and his music to see that his daughter is suffering. At school, she has no friends, and adopts a “tough girl” attitude to try to deflect some of her hurt feelings.

But then, ghosts reveal themselves to her and Henry, a boy in her class who works as an usher at the orchestra hall. They’re nice ghosts, just trying to move on to the next realm but stuck on Earth. Olivia and Henry then help the ghosts find what they need to move on.

It’s a story laced with sadness, but told in a sweet and endearing way. Might be good for a young girl, around Olivia’s age.

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