Review: Having It & Eating It by Sabine Durrant

having itThis was another Book Sale bin find, but I have to say this was probably the best one yet out of this particular sale. Having It & Eating it hooked me with its cover and title. I’ve always wondered what exactly it means to have your cake and eat it too. Duh! If I have cake, you better believe I’m going to eat it! What else do you DO with cake, other than eat it? Seems like a silly phrase.

Maggie is your typical bored stay-at-home mom, with one catch – she’s not married. She and her partner/boyfriend/not sure what to call him Jake, live the married life except for that technicality. When she runs into Claire, an old friend from childhood/high school, it derails Maggie. Claire is still single, childless, but living a glamorous life of a journalist, and is having an affair with a married man.

As Jake is also someone Maggie has known since high school, Claire knows Jake, as well. Through some miscommunications and paranoia, Maggie begins to expect that Jake is the so-called “married man” Claire is sleeping with.

So what does Maggie do? She gets it on with an Australian gardener. Thus the having it and eating it.

This is a classic story of “grass is greener” syndrome, as I like to call it. People always want what they don’t have. If you’re married, you might envy your single friends. If you’re single, you might envy your married friends. It’s hard to be happy with what you have sometimes.

I really enjoyed this one and was eager to see how it all turned out. I wanted to see for sure if Claire and Jake were sneaking around. I wanted to see what was going to happen with the Aussie. A good summer beach read for the ladies – if you happen to come across this book, I’d recommend you go for it!

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