Review: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

before i goI grabbed this one in the Hudson News at the Cleveland airport, a few minutes before my flight to Orlando last week. In my haste to pack for this trip, I had neglected to pack a book. Sure, I had plenty of ebooks to read on my phone, but there’s only so much staring at a little screen that one can do. As I perused the paperbacks, I happened upon this one, and I chose it for three reasons:

  1. It was small – my carry-on was already stuffed to the hilt’
  2. It was only 8.99, compared to the $14-24 pricetag some of the others were carrying
  3. I vaguely recalled putting it on my Goodreads TBR list some time ago

Before I Go to Sleep centers on Christine, a woman in her fifties who has suffered a major memory loss, which leaves her waking up each morning unaware of her own husband and the goings on of the last twenty or so years. Each day she must be re-informed, through photographs, and eventually through her own journal, of what has happened to her.

However, what she is being told and what really happened are quite different, and as the story unfolds, we learn little bits of the truth that eventually all come together in a big suspenseful finale.

This is a good page turner, the writing is good, the plot interesting. May seem implausible but that’s part of the fun. It was a good way to pass a plane ride, and a couple of hours by the pool.

One comment

  1. Loved this book! Also read it on a plane back from Ibiza to the UK! Thought the plot line was brilliant!

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