Review: White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

white girl probsI gave this book to a girl friend for her birthday. She is going through a separation from her husband that is quickly headed down the road to Nastyville, and I figured she could use a laugh. She loved it so much, that she suggested we read it for book club. So I got myself a copy and dug into it this weekend.

Twenty-four hours later, I was done.

White Girl Problems is an extremely tongue-in-cheek, raunchy, hilarious “memoir” of Babe Walker, a super rich, hot skinny bitch from L.A. who believes the world revolves around her. She spends her father’s money recklessly on clothes and extravagant parties, without a thought. Chapters like “I hate my horse” and “I hate my vagina” are packed with laugh-out-loud escapades described by Babe. Lines like, “No one cheats on me. Not even John Mayer” are on every page.

Babe Walker may be a fictional character, but her blog, found at, (barely Safe for Work! Yikes!) is full of more hilarity. If you’d like to get a flavor for what her book is like, check it out.

I’m sure at book club we’ll have a few laughs over the chapters for a few minutes before we go back to drinking wine and shit talking our spouses/significant others/soon-to-be exes.

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