Review: Good Harbor by Anita Diamant

good harborThis was a book sale grab for me. I added this book to my bag because I had read Diamant’s other book, The Red Tent, which was excellent. I expected the same of this one, without really knowing anything about it.

I wanted to give this book a chance.

I got about halfway through and I realized that I am just not the target audience for this book.

First, I’m about 20 years too young. Sorry, but it’s true. The story centers around two older women, and as I read, I just couldn’t connect to them. Second, I’m about 20 years too late. This book was published in 2001, but it feels stale, like it was written in a different century.

Even though I HATE to not finish a book, I gave up on this one. I’m usually stubborn and OCD enough that I force myself to finish, but this time I was able to let go. A disappointment, to say the least, but considering this book was almost free, I guess I got what I paid for.

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