Review: Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen

nature girlThis was yet another book I threw into my basket in the bargain bin at Border’s in its final days. I was grabbing books with reckless abandon, and this cover caught my eye.

Nature Girl is comprised of several disjointed plot lines which eventually converge into one as all the characters literally bump into each other in a remote island in Florida.

This was a good bargain book to read, but not one of my favorites. When trying to choose a hero of this story, it’s difficult to do so. Is it Honey Santana, who becomes fed up with telemarketers and so lures one into an elaborate prank/plot just to prove a point (is she Nature Girl)? Is it Sammy Tigertail, who has to go into hiding because a man dies of a heart attack while on a tour boat he’s driving? Or is it Honey’s son and husband, who come to the rescue after Honey’s stalker captures her?

I don’t know. And furthermore, I don’t think I care. I didn’t really understand Honey’s ultimate motive with Boyd Eisenhower/Shreave, the errant telemarketer, other than to humiliate him. He seems to do a good enough job of that himself. The Sammy storyline is also confusing, although I’d have been just as happy to have an entire novel devoted to him to explain more. He seems to have the most intriguing backstory of any of the characters.

This would do well as a really slapstick comedy movie, as the characters themselves are fairly exaggerated, and the comedy is already fairly on the ridiculous side. However, I would also not pay full price to see this movie – I’d probably watch it if I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and it was on HBO.

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