The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

From reading around other book bloggers’ sites, I saw a few reviews of this book, and promptly picked up The Uncommon Reader at my library. Weighing in at just 120 pages, I quickly finished this in about two sittings. Although it received rave reviews from other bloggers, I just didn’t really get into it the way I had hoped. Maybe it’s because I’m American and this book focused around Queen Elizabeth and was just very England-centric. I will say, I like the idea of having a fictional story about a famous (and still living) historical figure. It was unlike anything I’ve read before. The humor was subtle, and I think I missed some of the references because of the whole “being American” thing.

That’s it. Short book, short review!


One comment

  1. I loved it, but I’m British: and I think I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much otherwise. I think it’s very much based around the comedy of shared reference: British people will recognise the situations, types of character, etc, and that’s what makes it funny.

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