The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Book Summary:
I fell in love with this woman, we got married, now we’re old and she doesn’t remember who the F I am.

I got this audio book from the library and decided to give it a chance. I am diametrically opposed to many forms of chick-lit, and I see Nicholas Sparks near the very top of this hierarchy of chick-lit writers, on top of the Candace Bushnells and Jennifer Weiners of the world. I know this is one of those books/movies that most of my girl friends have seen, so I at least want to know the gist of it.

And honestly, it was better than I expected it would be, but it was also pretty much as I expected it to be. The dialogue between Allie and Noah was a little bit … oh I don’t know … sugary-sweet to the point where I need to give myself an extra Metformin just to get through some of the chapters. Blah blah I’ll love you forever, blah blah. I know a dude wrote this and everything, but honestly, what guy would ever talk like Noah?

Maybe it was because it was read by the mayor from Spin City and he read some of the love scenes in a breathy tone that made me have to turn up the volume on my speakers. I originally got this to listen to in my car but I had to  turn the volume up so high and still had trouble hearing, so I gave up and brought it in to listen to on my laptop, with headphones. Anyway, it didn’t matter, because I drifted in and out of paying attention and I still think I got the gist of what happened here.

Also, the cheesy piano notes throughout the dramatic scenes … pure schmaltz.

Maybe I’m an emotionless robot, but I just found the whole thing to be so hokey that I did not shed one single tear through the entire book. I know people who have said they cried buckets, but that was at the movie.

Am I glad I took several hours out of my life to listen to the mayor from Spin City (a.k.a. Barry Bostwick) read this to me? I don’t know. Maybe it would have been different if I would have read the hard copy of the book instead of the audio version. But There were entire tracks once I got to disk 4 that I just skipped entirely.

Also? I don’t think Ryan Gosling is hot. So maybe this entire book was lost on me because of that. I know … I know, ladies. Something IS wrong with me. For the record, I don’t find Brad Pitt attractive either. He just looks like he smells bad.

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