The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

As I mentioned in prior posts, this was my book club pick for September. We all really liked this one.

For those of you expecting there to be a Potter vs. Volde – I mean, He Who Shall Not Be Named-style wizard battle with wands and stuff, you will be sorely disappointed. I know that’s what the back cover kind of alludes to, so I can see where you’d get that. Yes, I was sort of expecting some kind of showdown, too, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I got instead.

The subtle movements of this book, as the plot eases back and forth through time, are in themselves magical. The writing has a little bit of a mysterious quality to it, like you’re walking alone on a dark, rainy night and you know someone’s behind you and you’re afraid to turn around. The way Morgenstern moves us through the circus, its tents and its intricate inner workings are masterful.

At times I forgot who all the characters were and their function in the circus, but it all comes together nicely. There are twists along the way that you won’t see coming, and a love story that will touch your heart. Go out and get a copy immediately, and thank me later!


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